Why buy with Green Key?

Buying Your Home With Green Key

Finding that perfect home is as important to Green Key Real Estate agents as it is to you. Together, we will skillfully navigate the often complex world of the residential real estate market.

What makes us unique and perfect for you is that our commitment reaches far beyond the typical real estate buying process.

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  • The snapshot version of our real estate services goes something like this, our Green Key agents:
  • Help you secure pre-approval for a loan with a competitive lender (if you already have a lender, fantastic).
  • Work with you to establish search criteria/needs/desires for your home.
  • Provide you with detailed listings, and coordinate property tours.
  • View potential properties with you, evaluating the home or investment property from a personal and an value perspective.
  • Make a comparable market analysis of the property within its neighborhood, with like-kind properties.
  • Structure and negotiate a winning offer on the home of your choice.
  • Guide you through the entire escrow process, from inspections, coordination with your lender and escrow officer, further negotiation to get you the best deal, to finally, handing you the keys.
  • And yet we provide so much more…

With keen market and transactional knowledge, Green Key agents ensure that buyers make well-informed decisions when choosing an eco-friendly home. Our agents can also help you identify the potential “greenable” attributes of a property, providing invaluable resources such as sustainably-oriented vendors and service providers.

As a team of certified Eco-Brokers, green building professionals, and permaculture designers we bring a “natural system” approach, viewing a property as a working eco-system. As a result, we’ll support you finding or creating a home that is a healthy and lasting investment.

When you work with Green Key Real Estate, you’re also contributing to a better community by supporting a Green America certified green business that is continually improving the way business is done. We pioneered the paperless transaction in the Bay Area, and continue to ride the technology wave of our industry.

Finally, we’re like you — we live in the communities where we work, we garden in our backyards, we shop locally, and we balance our checkbooks with our values. We reflect your lifestyle and your choices, and we partner with you for life.