Sharing Success: What makes a restaurant “green”?

We are proud and excited to announce the completion of a successful restaurant project that was a collaboration between Thomas Neece, Green Key’s Director of Building and Developer Services and the family owned bay area restaurant chain, Crepevine.

Ericka and Thomas with owner of new Crepevine Mountain View restaurantCrepevine Mountain View had a soft opening on October 15 to celebrate the partnership with Green Key, as we have been teamed up from the very beginning of the project.  After that delicious party, there have been lines out the door everyday, as locals avail themselves of this fresh, healthy, and delectable fare.

What did we learn as we brought our earth friendly perspective to restaurant development?

One of the most crucial aspects to healthy food service is air quality.  Crepevine Mountain View took this very seriously, knowing that to create an environment that supports the freshness of food is to create an environment that supports the health of the employees and customers.  The owner was willing to go above and beyond air circulation and filtration standards in building this restaurant.  He was also willing to pay extra attention to the design details that make restaurants clean, safe, and protected from unwanted pathogens.  It is this kind of systems thinking an attention to detail that distinguishes a good restaurant, and a good real estate company!

I feel great after I eat the food.  I think everybody does, that is why they are lining up to eat at Crepevine
~ Thomas Neece

Crepevine also cultivates relationships with local food producers to source as much local and organic food as possible.

We are proud of this successful partnership and also proud that we have the experience of locating, designing, and building a green and healthy restaurant.  We are ready for our next partnership in this realm!

We design and build healthy restaurants.  If you or someone you know wants to start a restaurant, call Green Key, we can help.

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