Our natural systems approach

Healthy Homes, Healthy People, Healthy Planet!

Homes are a part of nature. They are built of the earth’s resources. They utilize the earth’s energy. They breathe air. They circulate water. Like a plant or a tree or a human, our homes can be healthy, integrated expressions of the ecosystem.

Our homes are systems that exist within systems. We live in neighborhoods, watersheds, transportation networks, food distribution systems. Seeing all of the interconnections allows us to reweave the fabric of natural relationships back into balance. Each of us has so many opportunities to integrate, and isn’t it a relief to know you don’t have to do it alone? We have tooled up for the challenge of our times, and we are ready to help you make home-centered choices that bring health to your family.

Indoor air quality could make a huge difference to your families health. Your water conservation systems make an impact on your local watershed. Your energy efficiency improvements save you money and help reduce carbon emissions.

In the U.S., most homes have not been built with respect to the sun’s daily and seasonal pathways. The majority of homes were built before we even had an energy code. Sadly, on a whole, our homes are our largest contributors to green house gas emissions, even greater than our cars! It is going to take a systems approach to heal this imbalance. It is going to take collaboration and creativity. We are there with you to take the next step in your journey of responsible, conscious home ownership.