North Bay Office

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We nurture the foundations of ​community

living through consultation, education

and cooperative real estate…

Green Key North Bay is strongly aligned with the values and practices of Green Key Real Estate.  We are a growing team of collaborative pioneers, who are dedicated to bringing a deep respect for the earth and human community into the practice of real estate.  The North Bay region is a hot-bed of innovation in creating our sustainable future, and this is reflected in our client’s creative approach to land use and real estate transactions.  Our agents help our clients get “out of the box” and into the soil as we lead the way towards the highly responsive, growing desire for cooperative lifestyles. Green Key North Bay offers consulting to cooperative real estate projects throughout the Bay Area.

We bring a unique and professional base of experience to support cooperative lifestyles.

  • Professional support in finding and buying community property, permaculture farms, and traditional real estate opportunities
  • Negotiating cooperative real estate transactions and agreements
  • Consulting and coaching for your group’s vision, finances, legal agreements, zoning regulations, connection to place, working and living together…etc.
  • Context coaching and support along the spectrum of your process
  • References and connections to other people, groups, and services

If you have questions about our services and the support we can provide, we are glad to assist you. Please contact us:

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