Green Key Expands Service to the North Bay

We are pleased to announce that Green Key Real Estate has expanded our reach into Sonoma County, with our partnership with Cassandra Ferrera, as North Bay Sales Manager. At last, now you can have the kind of educated representation you need to find or sell your home in Sonoma County in addition to all the other Bay Area counties we serve.

Cassandra says she “is thrilled to join the company after seven years of practice in Sonoma County.” She is actively recruiting agents to join her collaborative team of real estate professionals. Agents, contact Cassandra to learn about our amazing company, generous commission splits, and support structures.

“The North Bay is the perfect place for a Green Key office. We have so many property owners here who have made earth-friendly improvements to their home and landscape, and now sellers in our region will realize they have a real estate brand they can trust to represent their home in line with their values,” states Cassandra.

Cassandra goes on to explain “The buyers who are attracted to our market are often seeking a more sustainable lifestyle, and need help navigating the blend of rural and city choices that are available in our counties. Green Key North Bay agents can provide buyers with the “on the ground” understanding necessary to make a powerful choice for their future.’

If you or any one you know is seeking to buy or sell a home in Sonoma or Marin County, have them call Cassandra Ferrera at our North Bay Office.