Mission driven real estate

Corporate responsibility,

Visionary real estate…

We are proud to be a real estate company with a mission. We have a vision that real estate can come back down to earth and begin participating in the rebuilding of local communities, and the recreating of homes that are in balance with the natural environment.

Real estate has become a business like the rest, dominated by huge conglomerates with distant CEO’s making large sums of money in a faraway state. Traded on wall street and serving the interests of stock holders, they can’t afford to have a mission that integrates ecological and social value.

We are cooking our triple bottom line, permaculture based ethics into the core of our business.

We are a full service real estate company with a green conscience. We support homeowners in all ownership stages to create a home that has ecological, economic and social value within the context of the greater human and natural community. We believe that the home is at the crux of many sustainable lifestyle variables, and we believe real estate has a positive role to play in the environmental restoration movement.

We are confident that the educated consumer is hungry for this level of ethics, and we are taking it a step further as we commit to becoming the first real estate company in California to become a Benefit Corporation.

It is time to embrace transparency in real estate, and to participate in the historic evolution of corporate accountability.