WISE Traditions – Connecting our health with the health of the land

Wise Traditions 2012 Conference banner image

The WISE Traditions Conference (Nov 8-12) on Food, Farming and the Healing Arts is a conference that will feed me on multiple personal and professional levels.  It may be a stretch for some to understand how a conference whose tag line is “Nutrition and Behavior” would have anything to do with real estate.  For me, it all comes together through food and my relationship to place.

I have the very personal experience of having health issues that have been tremendously impacted by going on a local, seasonal diet of fruits, vegetables, and animals.  I used to be tired, bloated, and depressed and now after 6 months of eating locally and seasonally, I am filled with vitality and a huge appreciation for the foods grown in healthy, local soil by myself and farmers that I know.

Almost all the people who have impacted my health and food choices will be at this conference, so I am very excited to learn more about the relationships between our digestive health, our mental health and the planet’s health.  It turns out that all these dimensions of health are closely related and interwoven.  I have first hand experience in the healing effects of eating local, seasonal foods, and am looking forward to learning more from my allies at the WISE Traditions Conference.

Here is what The Weston A. Price Foundation® for WISE Traditions website says about who should attend this conference.

Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, parents, students, food writers, food providers, farmers, public servants, teachers, patients, activists, agriculture professionals, people interested in nutrition, people with no interest in nutrition, people who love to cook, people who hate to cook, people who like to eat, Baby Boomers concerned about their health, grandparents concerned about their grandchildren, couples who want healthy babies, people who want answers, people who love controversy. . . and You!