Take on the 350 Home and Garden Challenge, May 14-15

350 Home & Garden Challenge
Join Green Key agents in the 350 Home and Garden Challenge!

On a single weekend, May 14th & 15th, thousands of landscapes and homes will be transformed, retrofitted and revitalized as part of the 350 Home & Garden Challenge. We will grow food, conserve water, save energy and build community.

This endeavor was initiated last year in Sonoma County, and was such a huge success, that Transition U.S. is taking the challenge national! Imagine retrofitting our homes, apartments, offices and neighborhoods with gardens, greywater and energy efficiency! From small to large, each action counts.

Click the 350 Challenge “Register Your Action” button. Complete the 350 Home & Garden registration form that follows and – voila! – your action is registered.

Why 350? It’s possibly the most important number in the world. Top climate scientists say this is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to keep a stable climate. Together our actions and alliances add up and create real solutions to the climate crisis.

Stand up and be counted! Big challenges require an inspired vision and bold action. We need you to spread the word, engage your friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Get Involved! Whether you register your own project or volunteer on a community project, we need you. We will provide education, ideas, discounts, and incentives to inspire and support your efforts!

Below are some ideas provided for how to take on the challenge. We’ve added some links to local websites that may be of interest…

Grow Food

  • transform your lawn into a food garden
  • join or start a community garden
  • grow a row for a local food bank
  • get educated! Attend a gardening workshop or teach others!!

Conserve Water

Save Energy

For a handout of this information, you can download the project overview PDF from the Transition US website.