Ripple the World with Goodness

Ripple the World banner image

Intense times call for intense inputs of positive and uplifting inspiration. It is for this deep inhalation of goodness that I go every year to the Daily Acts event: Ripple the World.

This event is also perhaps the FUNNEST fundraiser in the land.

The speakers are great, the food delicious, and it is surprising that with so many movers and shakers gathered under one roof that the earth doesn’t quake!  Well, maybe she does… and that’s the ripple of the world that the event is meant to create.  Motivating each of us, in our own ways, with our people in our places, making the choices that make a difference and causing changes that are seen and unseen.

Daily Acts is one of those organizations that is fueled by so much goodness that it just grows and grows with a life force of its own.  With a mission to transform communities and build local resilience, Daily Acts touches peoples lives through grounded action to save water, grow food, and deploy so many other energy saving, life encouraging endeavors that ripple out though Sonoma County and beyond.

This year, Green Key was present at the breakfast through Carolyn Pistone and Cassandra Ferrera and we were looking for the many ways commercial real estate and residential real estate can play an active role in transforming the built environment into ecologically vibrant places.

To learn more about the local Petaluma organization and their Ripple the World breakfast, visit the Daily Acts website or follow them on Twitter @DailyActs!