Join us for a special Healthy Homes event in Marin!

Green Key is impassioned about sustainable living. We are excited to share our collaboration with Douglas Busch and his team at pH Living. Doug’s vision is to create professionally tested, modular, factory-built homes that are suitable for people suffering from chemical sensitivities and environmental illnesses. Without a healthy environment to come home to, many of these people must lead a nomadic lifestyle, constantly searching for a safe haven.

To prove that pH Living’s Sanctuary buildings are healthy, Doug brought in Larry Gust, a certified inspector with the International Institute of for Building Biology and Ecology. The rigorous test results are profound, and worthy of our attention.

Join us at a panel presentation of environmental science, health and building design experts on Thursday, December 15, 6-8:30pm at the Marin General Hospital, Conference Room to learn more about how toxicants affect your living environment.

Please RSVP for this FREE event at: or call Louise Yost at (415) 460-1257.

Watch the YouTube video

And for a preview of the Sanctuary, check out this video.

This event is co-sponsored by:

Alliance for Human and Environmental Health

Green Key Real Estate


Kohana Pharmacy & Rejuvenative Medicine

Albert and Eve Organics