GreenMart – creating a collaborative retail model

You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it…you’ve even dreamt about it — a revolutionary new model for the retail storefront. Now’s your chance to be a part of it!

Green Key Real Estate has partnered with Global Exchange, Global Citizen Center, and Green Festivals to combine the Green Festival’s mix of triple bottom-line enterprise with public education, bringing together the very best green goods and services in a fun, dynamic and informative environment.

The goal of the GreenMart is to provide an affordable platform for local green and fair trade companies to come together and accelerate the transition to sustainability. Each company, whether offering one product or many, whether in the “made local” shared section, an individual kiosk or “private” store space, will benefit from convergence marketing, the latest in interactive retail technology, and our unique membership processes, to help grow your business in a sustainable way.

Get in on the ground floor!

Join us by attending our networking event on February 1st from 6-8pm.

Learn about becoming a member, potential San Francisco sites, provide valuable input, and have your questions answered.

With collaboration, education and sustainability at its core, GreenMart will stand the brick and mortar store on it’s end.

2012 is the year it all happens!

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

For more information, contact Ericka Jennings
[email protected]
(415) 750-1120