Healthy Home Inspection: Discovering Pollutants in the Home

Recently I had the opportunity to observe an inspection with Alex Stadtner of Healthy Building Inspections ( My client, a person with environmental illness, needed to have a condo examined for more than the typical inspections. While a general home inspection tends to cover a wide gamut of the property’s condition, from foundation to roof, and a pest inspection looks to see if bio-organisms like beetles, termites and dry rot are present, my client needed to know more.

That’s where Alex stepped in, with his extensive knowledge about how to test for environmental polluntants. Certified by the International Institute of Bau-Biologie & Ecology (, Alex can check for Air Quality, Mold Clearance, and Surface Sampling (for dust and mold), and Water Quality. I was impressed by how thorough Alex was — literally smelling surfaces throughout the unit for VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pulling out of his toolkit interesting gadgets like a heat spectometer (to measure moisture presence), and overall understanding how to support my client with her sensitivities, with his own sensitivity.

We’re lucky to have Alex here in the Bay Area — he is one of less than 100 Building Biology Environmental consultants practicing in the US.

For better or worse, we’ll be seeing more of these types of inspections, as pollutants in our built environments take their toll on each of us. I’m excited that Alex is also available to work with developers, and homeowners who are renovating, helping them to create healthier homes. Given that this is an integral part of Green Key’s and my personal mission, I very much appreciate all that Alex brings to the table.

To learn some “Free and Easy Ways to Protect Your Family” from pollutants, check out the Healthy Building Inspections website and download a copy of the flyer.

Ericka Jennings