Collaboration is the new competition

Vendor relations,

Commitment to Community…

Green Key is building networks of relationships that are complex and vibrant. We are recreating the business world that we think will thrive in and as a natural ecosystem. We think collaboration is one of the core attitudes and practices that is going to catalyze the changes that are so urgently needed in these evolving times.

We collaborate with vendors to serve our clients.

We collaborate with our clients to make great choices.

We collaborate with other agents to create a win/win dynamic in our escrows.

We collaborate with nature, learning how to be a regenerative company that serves our bioregions.

Collaboration is a natural element of community. And we love communities! If you want to create a cooperative living situation, we are experts at helping you do that. If you want to find a neighborhood or community to move into that will enable your connected lifestyle vision, we completely understand and will help you get there.

And we love to create diverse platforms for commercial co-location like the EcoMall.