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Meetup and learn more about the Laytonville Ecovillage

Laytonville EcoVillage banner picture

We are participating in a special Meetup event to learn more about the Laytonville Ecovillage on Saturday, April 26th, 2014. If you are a prospective buyer, investor, or someone who is interested in learning how to spend an extended amount of time living in an emerging ecovillage, then this event could be for you......

Green Key at Rebuilding Together SF Fall Build Day

Our Green Key Rebuilding Together team

At Green Key, we walk our talk about healthy communities. Recently our team lent a some hands to Rebuilding Together SF, a local nonprofit providing critical structural improvements in low-income areas around San Francisco. We refurbished the office space of one the oldest community agencies in the Golden Gate.

Check out more from the Fall Build Day....

How you can build a community one block at a time

The Block Repair Game community building activity picture

The recent Art of Community event was full of inspiring people and ideas. I was among a couple hundred people dedicated to creating and instigating cooperative culture. Now that’s my kind of fun!

This post shares one of the highlights from the event, a community building activity, that I really want to pass along.

What if we didn’t accept the limitations enforced by property lines?...