Becoming of place

Being Bioregional

Dwelling Consciously

Our Contract with the Earth

We believe that sinking your roots into one place on this planet, and joining with your community to care deeply about your bioregion is one of the most powerful endeavors you can make toward restoring ecological balance. Plus, it feels good! The “greening” of the world relies on each of us making more conscientious choices about where and how we live. Making a solid commitment to place, becoming of that place.

Dwelling consciously in your home is to learn about the elements. To learn about how air circulates, how water flows, how materials are sourced, and how energy is conserved and renewed. Dwelling consciously is a practice of dropping in, of observing the seasons and light and how our trip around the sun is experienced by you in and through your home.

We are advocates for relating with the ground beneath your feet. For creating not just a purchase contract and a grant deed, but a contract with the earth that you steward. The earth that you are responsible for. The small piece of a vast integrated whole that is your bioregion, your watershed, which is ultimately your lifeboat in the chaotic seas of climate change.