About Us

Green Key Real Estate was founded in 2005 to empower, enrich and educate our clients to make informed decisions that positively affect their lives as well as protect the environment. By working with green-minded buyers and sellers and connecting them with green service providers and products, we hope to green the homes we work with one sale at a time.

Green Key Real Estate is a Bay Area real estate company with offices in San Francisco, the East Bay, San Mateo County, Marin and Sonoma County. Green Key’s certified EcoBrokers® are uniquely qualified to drive our goals of incorporating environmentally responsible and socially just principles and practices into all aspects of our business.

Real estate brokers and agents have the ability to influence the spending of huge sums of money every year in residential and commercial property transactions. That influence is not limited to the purchase of properties, but in remodeling decisions, financing decisions, furnishing and decorating decisions, etc.

A certified green business, Green Key is leading by example by designing the paperless transaction, minimizing its paper usage, offsetting the energy used in their offices and by their agents, recycling and composting most office waste, respecting tenants’ and home owners’ rights, and supporting the development of sustainable communities.