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An idyllic dwelling place

to participate in cooperative living…

Laytonville is a small rural town on Highway 101 in Northern Mendocino County and is about a three hour drive from San Francisco. The Laytonville Ecovillage is a mile out of town on Branscomb Road.

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The land is ten acres legally subdivided into four parcels. Subdividing was required due to county and state regulations that restrict home building and septic system designs. Subdividing is time-consuming and expensive, but the upshot is that each parcel can legally support two homes which allows for the development of a neighborhood-scale community tied together by common values and interests.

Laytonville EcoVillage conceptual map pictureOn Parcel One there is an existing two-story farmhouse that’s about 65 years old, a barn with loft, carport, and several outbuildings.  Parcel one is two acres and has road frontage on Branscomb Road.  The farmhouse has a new standing seam metal roof, county approved septic system, new electrical service, rebuilt rear staircase, and new energy efficient appliances. A second one bedroom septic system has been approved which allows for an additional home.

Parcels Two and Three are two acres each and are undeveloped. Each have approved four-bedroom septic designs. Parcel Four is four acres and is situated at the back of the property.  Parcel Four has forests, sunny meadows, and many possibilities as a community resource. It also has a four-bedroom septic design but could also be left undeveloped as a shared-community habitat space.

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